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Welcome To The GESA Blog!

My name is Andrew Mack, Executive Director of GESA. Welcome to our website and blog.

Global Emergency Services Action (GESA) is an international non-profit that promotes quality Emergency Services around the world - making people everywhere safe to grow and develop. We are dedicated to advancing more and better Emergency Services projects, improving care, and building a sustainable Emergency Services sector globally. As a focal point for experts and expertise, GESA matches industry leading equipment and consultants with country and donor demand to promote growth in the Emergency Services sector.

GESA was born out of work done with the World Bank and other donors over the course of 2 1/2 years. Together with international civil protections experts, GESA members sought to better understand the structure and capacity of different Emergency Services and Civil Protection systems from developed and developing nations.

Since our founding earlier this year, we have been engaging in conversations with Emergency Services leaders and have been assembling a team of outstanding Founding Members dedicated to helping the sector grow. We are excited to contribute information, knowledge, and networks to build our sector and continually improve Emergency Services around the globe to benefit citizens everywhere.

In the coming months, we look forward to sharing important issues in our sector, updates on our members, and news about our work. If you are an Emergency Services practitioner, or are involved in the industry, we welcome you to visit the site and contribute your thoughts. And if you are a leader company or consultant, we hope you will join us as we strive to help build the quality of Emergency Services around the world!

-- Andrew Mack, Executive Director

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