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Leader Companies Join to Formally Launch Global Emergency Services Action

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Founding members of Global Emergency Services Action (GESA) agree on inaugural Board of Directors, composed of industry experts from around the world.

Press Release

Washington, D.C., October 8th, 2020 -- Last week, established leader companies in the Emergency Services sector gathered virtually to ratify and formally launch Global Emergency Services Action (GESA).

GESA is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing quality Emergency Services worldwide - making people everywhere safe to grow and develop. The organization’s goal is to change the dynamic in the Emergency Services sector, improving the quality of care and response, promoting more and better Emergency Services projects, and growing a sustainable Emergency Services sector globally.

Founding Members from around the world -- including industry leaders: LION, DuPont, Rosenbauer, and Holmatro -- agreed to form the organization’s initial Board of Directors, confirming Steve Schwartz, CEO of Lion, as GESA’s first President, Alexander Neumann of Rosenbauer as Treasurer, and Jeff Fackler of Dupont as Secretary.

“Our founders have together a combined 350+ years of work within the Emergency Services community. We will make a difference for citizens worldwide by advocating with our customers, the fire and emergency services workers, for increased investment in their work because of their positive impact on global health, safety, and economic security -- especially in emerging markets,” said Schwartz.

Over the coming months, GESA plans to build out its membership of leader companies, consultants, and firms from disciplines across the Emergency Services sector. And GESA will establish a strong Advisory Council to help build closer ties between practitioners in the Global South and equipment manufacturers, trainers, and consultants, many of whom are based in the Global North.

To learn more about GESA or apply for membership, please visit

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