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The Global South Advisory Council

GESA works with leading private and public professionals from the Global South, providing expert advice to help better understand and respond to the challenges faced by the Emergency Services community in emerging markets.


Jesse Hunter

Fire Investigator & Volunteer Firefighter - Ecuador

Jesse Hunter, Head Coordinator of Technical Management and Maintenance of Emergency Equipment for the Guayaquil Fire Department, is responsible for a wide variety of activities. Jesse started as a volunteer fire fighter and later studied for a Master’s degree in Fire Safety Engineering – enabling him to conduct fire investigations and develop department operating procedures. Through his efforts as part of the AC, Jesse seeks to improve the operations of ES in his region. He believes collaboration between people of varying ES experiences throughout the world is incredible important to the AC and GESA’s success.


Eulando Piñero

Fire Chief & Lead Instructor - Puerto Rico

Eulando Piñero, Fire Chief of Puerto Rico’s Volunteer Fire Department, has nearly 30 years of ES experience and founded the only volunteer department on the island in 2000. Through this, as well as through his position as Lead Instructor for the Puerto Rico State Fire Department Academy, and as District Officer on Response Section for PRFD, Eulando is able to share his knowledge of disaster preparedness and response. GESA’s mission to improve ES globally by bridging knowledge gaps aligns well with his own philosophy that “Knowledge has no value if it is not shared.” Through his work on the AC, Eulando hopes to help other professionals better serve their communities and save lives.


Itote Waruhiu

Airport Fire Chief & EMS Instructor - Kenya

Itote Waruhiu, Chief Fire Officer of the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, has served in a wide range of roles since he started serving in the emergency/disaster management field in 1996. His experiences include: the Kenyan Pioneer Emergency Managers, fire medic, Emergency Medical Services Instructor, Incident Command Systems Specialist, and a Bachelor’s degree in Safety and Security. Itote is honored to share his ES experience and help find solutions as part of the AC. As we all live in one global village, Itote believes it is vital to improve ES for everyone.


Moses Mutelemba

Chief Fire Officer of All Airports - Zambia

Moses Mutelemba, Chief Fire Officer of the Zambia Airports Corporation, controls and manages all of the international and local airports in Zambia. He is also responsible for recruitment and training, procurement of vehicles and equipment, and inspection of all airport fire stations. Moses is eager to share his ES experience with the AC, and also to expand his knowledge of disaster management through the AC’s work. In particular, Moses is looking forward to seeing greater exposure among AC and GESA members – engaging government leaders on matters of fire.


Goldy Rivas

Head of Communications & Volunteer Firefighter - Ecuador

Goldy Rivas, Head of Communications and a Volunteer Firefighter for the Guayaquil Fire Department, has extensive experience with public promotion of Emergency Services. With a Master’s in Art Direction and a Postgraduate Degree in Communication Strategies, Goldy has developed effective prevention programs and social campaigns for the fire service – building community support for quality ES. Goldy looks forward to creating solutions with the AC and strengthening public engagement with ES around the world.


Francis Ndeleva

Chief Fire Services Officer of All Airports - Kenya

Francis Ndeleva, Chief Fire Services Officer at the Kenya Airports Authority, is responsible for airport rescue fire-fighting services across all the airports in Kenya, including a fire rescue training school. Francis believes GESA has the potential to solve significant problems in Africa’s disaster/emergency preparedness and response. He brings his 32 years of experience to the AC, and is looking forward to contributing to the immense task ahead. As part of this effort, Francis hopes to bring the true picture of ES in Sub-Saharan Africa to the world.


Fabian Tan

ES Consultancy & Training Director - Singapore

Fabian Tan, Director of Consultancy at COSEM (Co-operative of Singapore Civil Defence Force Employees, Ltd), is responsible for the development of international consultancy and training packages on emergency preparedness and response. Fabian holds a Master’s degree in Fire Engineering and has served in various fire, HAZMAT, and security roles since 2001. Fabian joined the AC in order to share best practices and collaborate with like-minded emergency response practitioners. He is looking forward to helping countries and organizations in need of ES improvement and advice.

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