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GESA is a focal point for experts and expertise, matching industry leading equipment and consulting with country and donor demand to promote growth in the Emergency Services sector.

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GESA was founded in 2020...

by a group of leader companies and consultants in the Emergency Services sector working on Emergency Services from around the world. 

The organization was born out of work done with the World Bank and other donors over the course of 2 1/2 years, study research looking at the structure and capacity of different Emergency Services and Civil Protection systems from developed and developing nations.  

As part of this effort, GESA members worked closely with international civil protection experts, contributing expertise and resources to a global effort which included a series of deep dive studies looking at 16 developed and developing countries.  These efforts were presented at the 2019 World Reconstruction Conference in May 2019 in Geneva and at the World Bank in December 2019.


Today, GESA is constituted as a US-based 501(c)3 non-profit to help continue our work to support the Emergency Services sector, provide information, and promote ongoing, systematic, coordinated action to provide quicker response and better planning in support of firefighters, first responders, and other civil protection practitioners around the world.


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Develop tools to help build projects more efficiently, bringing additional resources to the table


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Limited, irregular budgets from donors and governments

Few chances to tap, assess, and grow citizen demand for improved service

Few project templates, few global standards, and challenges building projects quickly



Regular budgets and investment for greater impact


Work as a team to build awareness with governments, citizens, and the donor community


Create a focal point for discussion, best practice - and a place to go to find equipment and expertise

Few tools for countries to track and improve service quality, limited opportunities for ongoing assessment

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