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Promoting quality Emergency Services around the world - making people everywhere safe to grow and develop.

Our Goal:

Change the dynamic-

to promote more and better Emergency Services projects, improve care, and build a sustainable Emergency Services sector globally



GESA is committed to bringing together practitioners and best-of-breed equipment suppliers to complement global policy work around Emergency Services, enabling:

  • Templated approaches to streamline response in times of emergency 

  • Better/more systematic planning and procurement for the Emergency Services sector

  • Greater support for the global first responder community with training and information

  • More and simpler project preparation leading to more, sustainable impact

Who We Are

Member Coalition

of leader companies and consultants working around the world


to promote Best Practices for the Emergency Services Community


for high-quality, widely available Emergency Services programs 


and complement to  initiatives from World Bank, UN, and other donors

MDM Media Partnership

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